Welcome to the Maine Coon Corner!

Welcome! I’m Tina and I have two beautiful Maine Coon cats – Ragnar (red and white tabby boy) and Lagertha (brown tortie girl).

I’m a marketer by profession and decided a while back I wanted to combine my love of Maine Coon cats and Marketing to start this blog. I intend on writing helpful guides on all subjects relating to this beautiful breed that you can enjoy reading whilst you sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee.

We hope you enjoy it, and please do connect with us on social media.

Silver and white tabby Maine Coon cat sitting down getting brushed to prevent excess shedding.

Do Maine Coon Cats Shed?

With the Maine Coon cat being renowned for its luscious, silky thick coat, it is no wonder we often find ourself asking, do maine coon cats shed?  Like all cats with fur, Maine Coon cats do shed. However, don’t let…

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Photo of Ragnar the Maine Coon looking up to a bowl of food with his pupils dilated

Are Maine Coon Cats Picky Eaters?

If you’re anything like myself, one cat is simply not enough, and so you’ll have learned soon enough that Maine Coon cats are picky eaters!  While my Maine Coon Lagertha loves to demolish her food as quickly as possible, not…

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