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The Maine Coon cat comes in all shapes and sizes which affects its weight, so what is a healthy weight for a Maine Coon cat? 

The Maine Coon cat is known to be one of the largest, if not biggest breeds of a domestic cat and so their weight typically falls within the higher scale. 

The male Maine Coon cat can expect to fall anything between 15-25Ibs. The female Maine Coon can weigh anything from between 8-20Ibs. Please see conversions below. 

Male Maine Coon CatFemale Maine Coon Cat
15-25Ibs/ 6.8 – 11.3 kg 8-20Ibs/ 3.6- 9.0 kg
What is a healthy weight for a Maine Coon Cat?

What is a Healthy Weight for A Maine Coon Cat? 

The Maine Coon Corner: Ragnar the Maine Coon in a field of Bluebells.
Ragnar the Maine Coon at 6 months.

So, you may be wondering what a healthy weight for a Maine Coon cat is when their weight can vary so much. It is not such an easy question to give you a definite answer to. There is a variety of factors in play that affect the Maine Coon weight from health and genetics to gender and diet. 

The Maine Coon cat will take around 3-5 years to reach full growth. The Maine Coon breed does tend to grow at double the rate of your average domestic cat, gaining easily 2Ibs pounds per month during a growth cycle. 

If your Maine Coon falls within the average standard weight and does not have any health issues and eats a diet filled with the right macros and nutrients, your Maine Coon is likely a healthy weight. 

Maine Coon Weight Fluctuations 

It is perfectly normal for your Maine Coon cat or kitten’s weight to fluctuate. Because they go through growth cycles, you will likely notice that their growth stalls for a few months at a time. 

Don’t be concerned if you notice that your kitten has only put on around 0.5 Ibs-1Ibs one month. This is perfectly normal, and so if your kitten appears healthy and has a diet full of proteins, fats, vitamins, and nutrients, you have nothing to worry about. 

Male vs Female Maine Coon Cat 

Ragnar and Lagertha the Maine Coon Cats
As of 20/04/2022: Ragnar at 17 months weighs 15 Ibs and Lagertha at 8 months weighs 11 Ibs. She is going to be a big cat!

The male Maine Coon cat comes at a much bigger size in comparison to the female Maine Coon at an average of 15-25Ibs. 

In addition to that, the male Maine Coon does tend to bring a larger-than-life personality, wanting lots of attention and socialising. Not only will they require a good bit of space to meet the needs of their large size, but they also need a lot of love and attention too. 

The female Maine Coon tends to come smaller in size, around 8-20Ibs but still a good bit bigger than your average cat. Being a little more cautious, the female Maine Coon might not act as clownish or goofy as the male Maine Coon. 

Both male and female Maine Coon cats, however, are affectionate and loveable, but please consider space requirements beforehand, as you can expect them to outgrow any average domestic cat!

Maine Coon Weight Comparison 

I have compiled the table below to provide you with an insight into the average size of a Maine Coon. I have combined data from research and my experience with my own two Maine Coon cats. 

It can be difficult to determine an exact weight range because Maine Coon cats do grow at differing rates due to a number of factors, which I will go on to discuss. 

Stage of GrowthAverage Weight Female Maine CoonAverage Weight of Male Maine Coon  
Newborn kitten80-150 grams0.08 – 0.15 kg80-170 grams0.08- 0.17 kg 
4 weeks 500-750 grams 0.5- 0.75 kg 600-850 grams 0.6- 0.85 kg 
8 weeks  2.0- 3.15 Ibs 0.90- 1.42 kg2.3-3.5 Ibs 1.04- 1.58 kg
12 weeks  2.5 Ibs – 5 Ibs1.13-2.26 kg 3.0 Ibs- 5.5 Ibs1.36- 2.49 kg
16 weeks  5 Ibs – 8 Ibs 2.26- 3.6 kg5.5 Ibs- 8.5 Ibs 2.49- 3.8 kg
20 weeks 6.0 Ibs- 9 Ibs2.72- 4.08 kg7.5 Ibs- 12 Ibs 3.40-5.44 kg
6 months 6.5 Ibs- 9.5 Ibs 2.95- 4.03 kg8.0 Ibs- 13 Ibs 3.62-5.8 kg
7 months 7.0 Ibs- 10 Ibs 3.17- 4.53 kg9.0 Ibs- 14Ibs 4.08- 6.3 kg
8 months 7.5 Ibs – 10.5 Ibs 3.40- 4.76 kg 10.0 Ibs- 15 Ibs 4.53- 2.26 kg
9 months 8.0 Ibs- 11.5 Ibs 3.62- 5.21 kg 11.0 Ibs- 16 Ibs 4.98- 7.25 kg
10 months 8.5 Ibs- 12 Ibs 3.85- 5.44 kg12.0 Ibs- 17 Ibs5.44- 7.71 kg
11 months 9.0 Ibs- 12.5 Ibs 4.08- 5.66 kg13.0 Ibs- 18 Ibs5.89- 8.16 kg
12- 24 months 10 Ibs- 16 Ibs4.53- 7.25 kg14 Ibs- 20 Ibs 6.35- 90.7 kg
2-3 years 14 Ibs- 18 Ibs 6.35- 8.16 kg16 Ibs- 22 Ibs 7.25- 9.97 kg
3-5 years 14 Ibs- 20 Ibs 6.35 kg- 9.07 kg16 Ibs- 25 Ibs 7.25- 11.33 kg
Maine Coon Cat Weight Chart

Maine Coon weight in comparison to other Cat Breeds 

Siberian Cat Chirping
The Siberian Cat is also another big breed and weighs an average of between 10-15 Ibs.

So why are Maine Coon cats so much bigger than other domestic cat breeds? Maine Coon cats originate from their native home of Maine. There, they faced many harsh winters which helped them develop the fluffy, rugged coat they possess today. 

Over time, their physique adapted to handle the long winters in Maine. You can read more on the Maine Coon cat breed in my guide, “What is a Maine Coon Cat?”

The Maine Coon cat in comparison does tend to be bigger than most domestic cat breeds, but this is not always the case. Some other domestic cats may be bigger than say the smaller Maine Coon cats. 

Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest Cat: Weight 

The Norwegian Forest cat, also referred to as the Skogkatt might appear like that of the Maine Coon to some, however, the breed does have noticeable differences. 

Although larger in weight in comparison to other domestic cat breeds, the Norwegian Forest cat comes with a distinguishable facial expression, large almond-shaped eyes and an oblique equilateral triangular-shaped head. 

The Norwegian Forest cat comes in at a weight of around 12 to 16 Ibs compared to the average 15 to 25 Ibs of the Maine Coon cat. 

Maine coon vs Ragdoll Cat: Weight 

The Ragdoll cat is native to the United States and just like Maine Coons, has been known for its dog-like charm. The Ragdoll cat is also rather large in comparison to most domestic cat breeds. 

The Ragdoll cat has a very noticeable V shape mark on their forehead, with large, round, strikingly blue eyes. They possess a soft thick coat and have a long tail just like the Maine Coon. 

The average weight of a Ragdoll cat comes in at around 15 to 20Ibs. 

Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat: Weight 

The Siberian cat originated from Russia and is documented in fairy tales and folklore. They are a medium-sized breed in comparison to the larger Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat.

The Siberian cat comes with a water-repellent coat, that is very dense reflecting the climate in which they were brought up in. The Siberian cat has a medium to long coat with an accented ruff around its neck. Their eyes vary from vibrant shades of gold to green. 

 The Siberian cat can weigh on average 10-15 Ibs. 

What is the average length of a Maine Coon cat?  

Ragnar the Maine Coon showing off his length at 6 months
Ragnar showing off his length at 6 months

In addition to the impressive weight of a Maine Coon cat, they are famous for their incredible length. The Maine Coon measures an impressive length of anything between 19-32 inches. Again, this goes back to their native habitat in Maine, where they had to adapt to the harsh long and cold winters. 

The Maine Coon cat has an impressive athletic body and a tail that is as long as its body. 

An interesting fact that you might not have known, is that the Maine Coon tail is the same length as its body for two reasons. 

First, the Maine Coon tail keeps them warm in those winters when they need some extra insulation and heat. Second, the Maine Coon requires its tail to be long to support balance. 

It acts as a counterbalance so when they can walk in narrow spaces, or jump on fences, they do so with grace; well, some do so with grace!

Factors that affect Maine Coon Growth

As I touched on earlier, there are several factors that could pre-determine your Maine Coon’s size and weight. It is important to be aware of these, as it will allow you to better understand your Maine Coon and help it live a long and happy life. 

Maine Coon Diet 

Diet is incredibly important when it comes to not just the health of your Maine Coon cat, but their weight and size. 

A Maine Coon requires a nutritious and complete diet that mostly resembles the diet that its ancestors fed on. Cats are obligate carnivores, and this means their diet had minimal carbohydrates. 

By providing your Maine Coon with the following, they will have the best diet that will allow them to grow at their full potential. 

  • Protein
  • Healthy fat
  • Minimal carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fatty Acids 

A personal favourite of mine for my two Maine Coon cats is to provide them with a completely raw diet. This ensures they have the right amount of all the necessary nutritional requirements. 

Purebred vs Hybrid Maine Coon 

Whether your Maine Coon is a purebred or hybrid, is likely to have an impact on its potential weight. 

If you have or suspect you have a Maine Coon hybrid and are concerned about its weight, this may be why. A Maine Coon hybrid with a parent who is a different breed such as Siamese or Cornish Rex is undoubtedly going to be smaller in size. 

However, any concerns are best relayed to your vet. 

Maine Coon Medical Issues Affecting Weight 

If you suspect your Maine Coon is underweight, then it is good to be aware of certain medical issues that might be affecting their weight. 

Again, any concerns you may have been best communicated with your vet who will advise. Hopefully it is not a medical issue, but it is good to be aware of them regardless. 

If you notice your Maine Coon is affected by any of the following, contact your vet immediately:

  • Vomiting
  • Shallow breathing
  • Coughing
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy

The Maine Coon cat is prone to certain health conditions such as polycystic kidney disease, and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  If you notice your Maine Coon is losing weight and is suffering from any of the above symptoms, please do get in contact with your vet. 

Anxiety, Stress and Depression in your Maine Coon Cat

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that your Maine Coon cat cannot possibly suffer from any sort of mental health condition like humans do. However, it is very possible.  

If your Maine Coon experiences any sort of psychological trauma, it is very likely they will go off their food resulting in weight loss.

You may now be wondering what sort of situations can cause your Maine Coon cat to experience anxiety, stress, or trauma. Well, such situations include:

  • Excessive and loud noises e.g., fireworks, other animals being loud, hoovers, window cleaners.
  • Other pets getting in the way of your Maine Coon’s feeding time. It is better if you can feed them at separate times, or even in separate rooms. 
  • Feeding and drinking bowls are near their cat litter. 
  • Being separated from another pet, is also known as separation anxiety. 

What to do if my Maine Coon Cat is underweight?

So, we know that there are a variety of factors that affect your Maine Coon cat’s health, and it might not always be something bad. However, it is something that is best assessed by your veterinarian. 

They will carry out a physical exam and may even take blood and urine samples that will allow them to determine the route of the cause. 

With luck, it is just the natural fluctuation in weight that is common in Maine Coon cats and nothing more serious. Ensuring your Maine Coon has access to plenty of stimulation, love and attention, and a complete and healthy diet, there should be no issues with their weight management. 

Signs my Maine Coon Cat is overweight 

This can be a tricky one to spot, given the fact that Maine Coon cats are the biggest domestic cat breed, and can grow to a staggering 25Ibs or more.   

First, be rest assured that they are big cats, and it doesn’t always mean there is a weight problem. Additionally, if you have any concerns, your vet can carry out an exam that will confirm or rule out any concerns. 

Cat Body Scoring for Ideal Weight

  • Have a look at your Maine Coon when standing, and you should see a noticeable indentation above their hips. This is their waist. It might be more difficult to spot your Maine Coon with their long coat. 
  • Your Maine Coon’s ribs should have a minimal covering of fat. This is the ideal condition your vet will look for. 
  • The abdominal fat pad is minimal. 

Who do the largest Maine Coon cats weigh? 

There are a handful of Maine Coon cats that weigh in over the average size, some even featuring in the Guinness World Book of Records. 

Samson the Maine Coon cat

Samson is the World’s biggest cat weighing in at 30Ibs and 4ft long. To give you a comparison again, the average male Maine Coon cat weighs in between 15 and 25 Ibs. Samson is 10 years old and resides in New York. He can be found on Instagram.


I hope that if you have been asking yourself what a healthy weight for a Maine Coon cat is, that you have found plenty of information in this blog to answer your questions. 

You can see that the weight of a Maine Coon varies quite considerably, especially considering other factors such as health, genetics, and diet. 

As long as your cat is healthy and free of any issues, it doesn’t matter what their weight is. A Maine Coon cat is a friend for life whether big or small. 

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