What Colour Of Eyes Do Maine Coon Cats Have?

Professional portrait of Ragnar the Maine Coon from the Maine Coon Corner. Ragnar is a red and white tabby Maine Coon. He is staring directly at the camera, only face in view, showing his piercing golden eyes, which are shining in the photo.

Maine Coon cats are celebrated for their unmistakable features – from their impressive size and build, and their thick and silky coat, to their friendly, endearing personality – but when it comes to eye colour, what colour of eyes do Maine Coon cats have? 

This blog will explore this topic in detail, answering the most common questions surrounding Maine Coon eye colour. 

What Colour Of Eyes Do Maine Coon Cats Have?

Maine Coon cat eyes come in a variety of different colours, including exquisite shades of gold, copper, amber, light green and darker emerald to piercing ocean blue. Some Maine Coon cats have Heterochromia – two different coloured eyes such as golden and blue. The diversity of Maine Coon eye colour certainly adds to their charm. 

However, all Maine Coon kittens are born with blue eyes that gradually change colour over time, with the permanent eye colour change maturing over the space of several weeks to a few months.

Maine Coon Eye Colour

We now know that the colour of a Maine Coon cat’s eyes comes in a variety of beautiful shades that pop, with some even having two different coloured eyes, but what makes each individual eye colour so special? 

Let’s find out. 

Maine Coon Cats With Green Eyes

Green eyes in cats have long been associated with magical and enchanting qualities for those interested in legends, and folklore. But Maine Coon cats with green eyes are particularly unique, in that they are rare, and look striking against their unique and distinctive look. 

If you have ever seen a Maine Coon cat with green eyes, you’ll observe that they have a deep, intense hue. This might look like hazel – a combination of green, gold and brown, emerald green or dark and rich mossy green. 

And if you have a Maine Coon with green eyes that loves to observe everyone and everything, it takes no time for people to become completely enchanted and mystified by this beautiful cat. 

Maine Coon Cats With Copper And Gold Eyes

Maine Coon cats with gold eyes can certainly give off a sense of regality and grandeur. Gold eyes in cats are often associated with wealth, luxury and beauty, where symbolism is concerned. 

But the gold eyes in a Maine Coon also have a comforting warmth about them and come in shades of deep rich amber, to a vibrant golden yellow hue. And with the combination of gold eyes in a Maine Coon, and their vibrant rich and silky coat, it’s no wonder they are deemed one of the most beautiful and elegant cat breeds today. 

Blue Eyes In Maine Coon Cats

Blue eyes in Maine Coon cats are probably one of the rarest colours to expect. This is because blue eyes cats arise from a lack of pigmentation, and is more likely to appear in albino Maine Coons – that is completely white. 

Whilst all Maine Coon kittens are born with blue eyes, it’s more common to see in a Ragdoll or Siamese cat. 

Nevertheless, Maine Coon cats with blue eyes offer a unique elegance and hypnosis about them that make them very alluring to breeders, and prospective Maine Coon owners. 

Factors Influencing Eye Colour In Maine Coon Cats

Eye colour in Maine Coon cats is not assigned randomly during the development process and is due to certain factors, notably the cat’s DNA passed down from both parents. But contrary to popular belief, cat eye colour and cat coat colour and controlled by different genes, and therefore do not have a direct correlation to each other. 

So what factors do have a direct effect on Maine Coon eye colour?

Genetic Makeup

Maine Coon eye colour is determined by the amount of melanin in their DNA and is passed down from both parents. When these genes are passed onto the kitten, they work by regulating the production and distribution of pigments in the Maine Coon’s iris, therefore affecting eye colour. 

Melanin Levels

With the amount of melanin affecting eye colour in Maine Coon cats, it’s the concentration of it in the iris that affects the differing shades of colour. For example, higher levels of melanin in a Maine Coon cat will result in a darker eye colour like gold and copper, whereas a lower concentration results in lighter colours like green and blue.

Age And Development

Eye colour in Maine Coon cats changes as they mature. As mentioned earlier, Maine Coon kittens are born with shades of blue eyes but as they transition to adulthood, eye colour changes. This is because the production and distribution of melanin begin to develop throughout their first few months to a year. 

Heterochromia Maine Coon Cats

Image source: Wikipedia Commons

Heterochromia in Maine Coon cats is a condition where they have two different coloured eyes. Odd-eyes Maine Coon cats immediately capture the attention of those it meets due to this captivating uniqueness about them. 

Heterochromia in cats is thought to be influenced by the distribution of genetic factors passed down from parents – although no study has clarified this with 100% certainty. Therefore it is difficult to accurately say what results in Heterochromia cats. 

One potential link is in relation to the ‘white spotting gene’ which mostly affects cat coat colour. 

White Spotting Gene

The white spotting gene is also known as the Piebald gene and is a result of a genetic mutation that directly affects the distribution of pigmentation in cats, particularly Maine Coons. 

From a scientific basis, the white spotting gene in cats comes from different forms of ‘alleles’. Alleles are variations in a cat’s genes. A cat inherits two from its parents and each can have unique sequences. 

And so the interaction of the white spotting gene, with other genes in a kitten contributes to cats with different coloured eyes – and often coats too. 

The white spotting gene is more common in pure and partly white cats and is not exclusive to Maine Coon cats. It can sometimes cause deafness, but it does not pose a health risk to them. Although when you do meet a white Maine Coon cat with the white spotting gene, be prepared to be mesmerised. 

Eye And Coat Colour In Maine Coon Cats

There is a great variety of colours and shades when it comes to the combination of eye and coat colour in Maine Coon cats. Some are more common than others, but all are equally as striking and beautiful. You can learn everything there is to know about the Maine Coon in my guide, What is a Maine Coon cat?

So what are some colour combinations you can expect in Maine Coon cats? Let’s take a look at some examples. 

White Maine Coon Cats With Blue And Different Coloured Eyes

Perhaps one of the more striking appearances is that of a white Maine Coon cat. One reason is the white Maine Coon’s distinctive blue or different eye colour. The other is because of the rarity of their white coat due to the heterochromia gene as I discussed earlier. 

With the combination of a luscious alabaster white coat, and either piercing blue or different-coloured eyes, this Maine Coon is sure to make a visual impact. 

The Cat Fanciers’ Association describes the white Maine Coon as ‘glistening white’ which I think is the perfect adjective to use when describing this beauty. 

Blue Maine Coon Cats And Eye Colour

The blue Maine Coon cat is also striking appearance and a cat you are sure never to forget if you cross paths with. 

Blue Maine Coons are distinctive because of their blue coat. This often presents itself in shades of lighter silver to deeper bluey grey in tone to one’s eye. 

But despite this variation in colour, the blue Maine Coon is classed as a solid colour officially by The Cat Fanciers’ Association and is a ‘one level tone from nose to tip of tail’, including leather and paw pads. 

The blue Maine Coon may have any colour of eye including shades of green, gold or copper. 

Black Maine Coon Cat And Eye Colour

The black Maine Coon has a coat that is entirely black, described as ‘dense coal black’ according to the CFA. The blackness in colour runs through their body including fur, whiskers and paw pads. It is free from any tinge of rust or smoke undercoat, hence officially classing it as a solid colour. 

You won’t forget a black Maine Coon cat if you come across one. They have a particularly dense yet glossy coat, which is completely mesmerising against the shades of colour their eyes come in. 

Black Maine Coon cats go into developing eyes in gorgeous shades of green and copper. 

Ginger Maine Coon Cat And Eye Colour

Ginger Maine Coon cats (or red) can come in both solid and tabby, with a deep fiery vibrant red in some, to a soft strawberry blonde-like colour in others. 

Some tabby patterns in ginger Maine Coon cats include the classic swirled look, mackerel stripes and ticked agouti. 

Ginger Maine Coon cats’ eyes come in warm shades of golden, copper and green. 

The Beauty Of Maine Coon Eye Colour

There is no doubt in the beauty and unique charm all Maine Coon cats have to offer, especially when it comes down to eye colour. 

You can expect Maine Coon eye colour in shades of green, golden and copper to be more common amongst the breed. Contrary, there are some Maine Coon cats that have an extra special dose of uniqueness, in that they have piercing blue eyes, and sometimes two different coloured eyes.

You should now have a basic understanding of Maine Coon eye colour, including genetic factors that affect cat eye colour and some fun legends surrounding them. 

Regardless of eye colour, we are lucky to be in the presence of the majestic Maine Coon cat, with its qualities and charm going beyond eye colour. 

If you wish to learn more about the Maine Coon breed, then why not learn everything there is to know about Maine Coon toes in my guide, How many toes do Maine Coon cats have? If you are serious about adopting a Maine Coon, then my guide on how much are Maine Coon cats in 2023 is for you.


Can you tell what colour eyes your Maine Coon kitten will have?

All Maine Coon kittens are born with blue eyes but as they transition into adulthood, their true eye colour will start to emerge. A Maine Coon kitten’s eyes will change from shades of blue to shades of green, copper and gold. However, all white Maine Coon cats with those with white, will have blue eyes, or different-coloured eyes into adulthood

At what age does eye colour change in Maine Coon kittens?

Maine Coon eye colour in kittens changes as they develop and mature. For example, around 10 days after birth, their eyes will gradually start to open and you will see the blue eye colour appear. This gradually develops to its permanent colour after around 7-8 weeks old. Every Maine Coon kitten develops differently, and for some, eye colour might take longer to fully develop.

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