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Whether you are in your search for a Maine Coon cat or Maine Coon kitten, have recently brought one home, or are merely just interested in this fascinating breed, a question you might be asking is,Are Maine Coons lap cats?”  

Well, one thing we know for sure about the Maine Coon breed is that they are full of love, warmth, and affection.

They love to be by their human side day and night, possess unique little dog-like quirks that make us laugh, and are prone to separation anxiety when we leave them temporarily. 

Maine Coon cats spoil us with affection in so many other ways that it really doesn’t matter if your Maine Coon is not a lap cat. I will go on to explore this topic in detail and cover top tips for encouraging your Maine Coon to sit on your lap.

Are Maine Coons Lap Cats? 

The Maine Coon Corner: Lagertha the Maine Coon
Are Maine Coons lap cats? : Lagertha is more independent that Ragnar but will still come to my lap on her own terms.

Naturally, you would think yes, Maine Coons are lap cats. This question however is met with a mixed response; some Maine Coons are lap cats and others are not

But you should know that the Maine Coon cat gravitates towards humans they seek a connection with. 

If you provide your Maine Coon with enough love, attention and affection, you will soon find them wanting to sit on your lap, or devouring you with affection in their own little ways. 

Are my Maine Coons Lap Cats? 

As a Maine Coon owner myself, both my Maine Coon cats, Ragnar and Lagertha are lap cats, Ragnar more so. 

Ragnar, like the typical male Maine Coon, is needier for attention than Lagertha. He loves to sit on my lap, and it is becoming even more difficult for him as he grows! 

He was a lap cat from the minute we brought him into our car when we picked him up from his breeders. Ragnar also loves a routine. You might find your Maine Coon is like that too? Ragnar loves a lap nap right after every meal. 

Lagertha was not a lap cat when we picked her up. She was very timid and cautious. She still wanted to be near but not close enough for us to pick her up. However, with time, and plenty of love and affection, she loves to spread out on our laps for a cuddle- but on her own terms. 

Let’s explore this further, so you can fully understand everything there is to know about Maine Coons being lap cats, and how to encourage them to be. 

What is a lap cat? 

Are Maine Coons lap cats? : Ragnar loves nothing more than a cat nap on a lap but as he grows bigger then becomes more difficult.

Cats are one of the most affectionate and adorable creatures who just love to spread their love and receive it. One way they do this is by sitting on our laps. 

A lap cat refers to a cat that loves nothing more than an affectionate and cosy nap on your lap. Simple as that. 

But what defines a lap cat?  There are several factors to consider that determine whether your cat is more inclined to be a lap cat or not. . These include: 

  • Personality 
  • Breed
  • Health
  • Training
  • Environment 

The personality of a lap cat 

Cat personalities come in all shapes and sizes but one thing for sure is that a lap cat is going to display affection towards its human. 

For example, my Maine Coon Ragnar is very needy, doesn’t like to be left alone, and particularly likes his cuddles right after every meal, first thing in the morning and before bed. He loves to sleep on my lap and my husband’s too. 

Sometimes it is just within their nature to act more affectionately. It might not be so simple to pick an affectionate kitten from the breeder, but it is always something you can ask. Alternatively, if you are adopting a cat, especially an older one, you can normally suss out if they are going to be affectionate or not. 

Please do not be put off if your cat is not affectionate, as there is plenty you can do to encourage this behaviour. I will explore this further on. 

Breed of a lap cat 

Siberian Cat Chirping
What breeds are more likely to be lap cats?

What breeds are lap cats? You are likely to find different answers to this question about the best breed that makes a lap cat. But what you will learn is that there are in fact many cat breeds that make great lap cats. 

Below are just some cat breeds that make fantastic lap cats in addition to the Maine Coon. 

Burmese as a lap cat 

If you are looking for a cat that knows how to make a loyalty bond quickly, then the Burmese is your cat. They seek attention from their owners, can be a little bit bossy, and are great at socialising. 

They are super affectionate, great with children and family pets and make a wonderful lap cat if that is what you are looking for. 

Exotic Shorthair as a lap cat

The Exotic shorthair has many wonderful traits to its personality which make it the perfect lap cat. Any Exotic Shorthair owners will confirm they are calm, affectionate, friendly, and especially laid-back. 

They can adapt to their living situation quite easily and are great for families with children. Their positive personality traits make them ideal lap cats and more likely to be so compared to others. 

Persian as a lap cat 

Persian cats make excellent lap cats. Like the Maine Coon, they are docile, affectionate, and love a cuddle. They are also very curious and must investigate everything. 

You might find that some Persians are more inclined to be a lap cat than others but overall, physical contact is very important to the Persian cat, which makes them an excellent choice. 

Ragdoll as a lap cat

The Ragdoll cat loves people. They are gentle, affectionate and require companionship. Some will say they make excellent lap cats, however, this one seems to be a mixed bag. You will find on forums all over the internet, Ragdoll owners claiming their Ragdolls are not lap cats, and some saying they are. 

One thing for sure is any long-haired cat will get warm very quickly sitting on a lap, which may be one of the reasons many Ragdoll owners say this. Is your Ragdoll a lap cat? Please leave a comment if so. 

Scottish Fold as a lap cat

Scottish Fold cats make excellent lap cats, but you might find they tend to gravitate towards their favourite human more. They have a gentle, sweet nature, and love nothing more than spending all their time around their humans. 

You might find that they will come to you on their own terms, but when they do, they will cuddle away on your lap for hours. 

Five reasons why cats choose to sit on your lap

Lagertha the Maine Coon cat
Are Maine Coons lap cats? : Lagertha is getting better at showing affection in her own little ways, but she remains very independent.

One thing for sure is that cats will only sit on the laps of the people they feel closest and safest around. Cats have 32 ear muscles, and they use them to be in a state of constant alertness even when they’re asleep. A cat napping on your lap is a very good sign they feel protected around you. 

Below are some of the main reasons why cats choose to sit on your lap: 

Cats sit on the laps of people they trust

Even when a cat is asleep, they are vulnerable which is why they are always in a state of alertness, and why they take small but regular naps throughout the day. 

Take it as a sign that when your cat is asleep on your lap, they most certainly trust you. This is their own little way of communicating that they feel safe around you. 

Cats sit on your lap for warmth

For the same reason your cat follows that sunny spot in your house, they like to sit on laps to get both warmth and conserve their energy. 

Cats sit on your lap to mark their scent

If your cat sits on your lap, then one of the reasons for doing so is to mark you as their territory; they own you. It is important for them to let other cats know that you belong to them. 

Cats sit on your lap for attention

Your cat might choose to sit on your lap because they are simply craving some attention. This may come from hunger or boredom and so it’s good to pay attention to their body language so you can become more in tune with their behaviour. 

Give them all the attention in the world. 

Cats sit on your lap because they want to bond

Have you ever noticed that your cat knows when you return from work, when you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning? Maybe they act as your alarm clock. Cats are intelligent and they like to observe your patterns. This is because they are demanding your attention.

The same applies to them sitting on your lap, around the time you relax. They simply want to bond with you. 

8 ways Maine Coons show affection? 

Lagertha the Maine Coon loves to play fetch with balls of tinsel
Lagertha loves to play fetch with her balls of tinsel- just now of the ways she shows affection.

So now that we know the different cat breeds that are more inclined to cat nap on your lap, and have explored the reasons why they do this, let’s look at the ways the Maine Coon cat shows affection. 

We know there are many ways they like to show their affection, and I speak from my experience with Ragnar and Lagertha; my two Maine Coons just in case you are wondering why I am suddenly talking about Vikings!

Maine Coons love to headbutt you

You might wonder why on earth Maine Coons, or any cat chooses to headbutt their human but it’s perfectly normal. Another name for this is ‘bunting.’ They might do this against your legs, or even your face. Yes, they love to get in your personal zone!

Cats do this to mark their territory; to claim you as their human. When your Maine Coon does this, they are marking their scent on you. Although more of a marking of territory, your Maine Coon wouldn’t do this if they didn’t love you. 

Your Maine Coon makes eye contact with you 

If you find your Maine Coon making direct eye contact with you and slowly blinking, this is a sign of affection. 

The best way to reciprocate is with the same behaviour; make eye contact and blink slowly. By doing this, the two of you are affirming that special bond. 

Your Maine Coon follows you everywhere

Do you ever notice that when you close a door, your Maine Coon begins to meow constantly? They don’t like being alone, and following you around the house is their way of showing you affection. 

Sometimes, it’s best just to let them in!

Your Maine Coon likes to nibble on you

Both my Maine Coons love to do this. I notice it more so when they are cuddling into me and getting tired. When a Maine Coon nibbles on you, this is just their way of showing affection. It might give a little pinch, but they mean no harm.

Some say this behaviour reflects your Maine Coon’s kittenhood when their mother would nibble on them during grooming, which leads me to the next point. 

Your Maine Coon grooms you                   

Not only is your Maine Coon giving you a bath, but they are also showing affection. This behaviour is your Maine Coon’s way of bonding with you.

When cats were in the wild, they groomed each other to create a common scent in the cat colony. When they’d return, they recognised one another. 

Your Maine Coon mirrors your behaviour

You have probably heard many people say how the Maine Coon likes to help you out with the housework by following you around the house as you clean. 

You might even notice that every time you go to work on your laptop, your Maine Coon comes and plops him or herself on your keyword. They might even follow you to the bathroom! 

As inconvenient as it might be at times, this behaviour is called mirroring. It is their way of wanting to be part of your daily routine. 

Your Maine Coon exposes their belly

Take this as a very good sign your Maine Coon loves you. You wouldn’t see them doing this in the wild as this leaves them exposed to predators. Your Maine Coon’s belly is their most vulnerable spot. 

It is important to note that when they do this, they are not necessarily inviting you to pet their belly, but rest assured, they are showing you deep affection. 

Your Maine Coon greets you at the door

Do you ever find your Maine Coon rushing to the door when you come in, or wake up in the morning? Maine Coons are prone to separation anxiety, and by greeting you at the door, they are communicating that they missed you and are happy to see you. 

How to show affection to your Maine Coon Cat

Your Maine Coon no doubt shows affection towards you in many ways, but what are some ways you can show affection to your Maine Coon?

  • Blink slowly back at your Maine Coon as they make eye contact with you is a great way of showing affection.
  • Mimic your Maine Coons voice and you will notice they respond to you with their many dulcet tones. This may be meowing, coos, trilling and purring. 
  • Groom your Maine Coon daily to show your affection. Using a soft-bristled brush is a great tool for this, and you might find they start grooming themselves during the process. 
  • Put your Maine Coons health first. Don’t skip any vet appointments and try to tune into their body language so you can understand what they are trying to communicate. 
  • Give your Maine Coon a pet massage to show your affection for them. 
  • Play with your Maine Coon daily to keep them stimulated and to socialise with them. You don’t want your Maine Coon to get bored. 
  • Cat treats are a great way to show your affection. Reward them for good behaviour. This might be a smelly treat, or by giving them some catnip and watching them go into a trance-like behaviour. 

How can I encourage my Maine Coon to be a lap cat? 

Ragnar and Lagertha the Maine Coon Cats
How can I encourage my Maine Coon to be a lap cat?

If you are hoping to encourage your Maine Coon pet to be a lap cat, then it is important to understand the ways they show affection, and the ways you can show affection; as above. This helps build that bond that might lead them to find their way onto your lap. 

However, some Maine Coons  and Maine Coon kittens might not want to be a lap cat. Maine Coons are long-haired, and they can get warm very quickly. So if they don’t want to nap on your lap, then shower them with affection in other ways, and they will reciprocate in other special ways. 

Below are some ways you can try and encourage your Maine Coon to be a lap cat. 

Create a peaceful, secure and quiet environment 

Creating a peaceful and quiet space with no distractions is the first step to encouraging your Maine Coon cat or Maine Coon kitten to sit on your lap. 

Turn off TVs, radios, and laptops, and let your family know your intentions. A calm and secure environment will let your Maine Coon relax. 

Do you have any cat toys in your room? If not, it might b worth investing in a few toys, and even a cat tree within the same space. 

Let your Maine Coon come to you

Once you have taken care of your environment, sit down on your couch, or chair, wherever you feel comfortable. Consider if this is a space your Maine Coon will find comfort. 

Don’t try and force your Maine Coon upon you, read a book, and browse on your phone. Be patient, and let them come to you in their time, and on their own terms. 

Reward your Maine Coon with positive reinforcement 

This is a great way to encourage your Maine Coon cat or Maine Coon kitten to sit on your lap. 

They love nothing more than a tasty treat, so reward them with one every time you observe behaviour that enhances the bonding experience. You might choose to throw them closer to the couch every time, so eventually, they jump up with you. 

Make sure to speak to them with words of encouragement such as ‘good kitty.’ A warm and inviting tone will further enhance the experience. 

Don’t force your Maine Coon in any way

It is important to remain patient during the process of encouraging your Maine Coon to sit on your lap. Don’t force them up or become irritated if they do not respond or behave in the way you desire.  

This process may take time, or it might not work at all. Every cat is different and it’s better to appreciate their unique ways of showing affection to you than to force them to sit on your lap which might result in them becoming stressed. 

Male Maine Coon vs Female Maine Coon as a lap cat

If you have read my guide to the Maine Coon cat, you will know that the male Maine Coon tends to show more affection. This doesn’t mean that the female Maine Coon will not show affection. In fact, both Maine Coon genders show plenty in their own little ways. 

You also must consider the personality and physique of your Maine Coon. Some will be more inclined to sit on your lap due to their personality traits. Are they independent or are they needy? Are they big Maine Coons that is might make it uncomfortable to sit on your lap? 

For example, my Maine Coon Ragnar is very affectionate, and needy and for this reason, he loves to sit on my lap. He is a big Maine Coon though, which can make it difficult at times especially as he grows. 

Reasons why your Maine Coon isn’t a lap cat

There are several reasons why your Maine Coon may not be a lap cat, and it’s useful to be aware of these so you can understand your friendly feline better. 

Your Maine Coon is still young and full of energy

If your Maine Coon cat or Maine Coon kitten is still young, they might prefer to run around with the zoomies than relax on their human’s lap.

When they are young, they have high energy levels whereas when they are a bit older, they prefer to seek out comfort and security. My Maine Coon Lagertha loves to explore, and play all the time, and so is less inclined to jump up on my lap than Ragnar. 

You need to earn your Maine Coons trust

A Maine Coon cat’s instinct is to protect itself all the time from predators; including when they are asleep. 

Working on building trust with your Maine Coon can take time and effort so it is important to be patient. Only then once that trust has been established, you might find your Maine Coon wanting to sit on your lap. 

Your Maine Coon’s life before you

Whether you brought your Maine Coon home from a breeder, or whether they are a Maine Coon rescue, their backstory can play a part in how they respond with affection. 

From the minute they step into your home, they come with a history. They may have been used to being handled, or they may be more fearful of humans. If you do have a Maine Coon rescue, they may be apprehensive or become stressed from moving. 

Just give them time and show them plenty of affection and let them reciprocate. It might not be by sitting on your lap, but I’m sure they will show it in other ways. 

Your Maine Coon’s personality 

Every Maine Coon has a unique personality. While some might prefer to jump and cuddle on your lap, others might show affection in other ways such as bunting or talking to you a lot. 

Remember the ways in which Maine Coons show affection, I talked about above? There are plenty of other ways they will communicate that they love you, so don’t be offended if they don’t gravitate towards your lap just yet. 

Where do Maine Coons like to sleep?

Maine Coons like to sleep in places where they can get warmth and generally be up high. This may be on your lap or at the top of the cat tree where they have a good view of everything. 

You might observe that your Maine Coon likes to follow the sunspots around the house so they can get some natural warmth. They may also choose to nap on your laundry, your bed or blanket as these smells are familiar to them. 

Where does your Maine Coon or cat like to sleep? Let me know in the comments. 


Can we possibly say that every Maine Coon is a lap cat? As we know, there are several factors in play here including personality, breed, health, training, and the environment. 

But regardless of whether they are a lap cat or not, we know that the Maine Coon provides an abundance of affection in many ways that make us feel loved and all they want is to feel the same in return. 

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